Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom Trade Show Displays

There are a number of different trade show display styles from which you can choose. Some of the more popular styles include pop-up, hybrid, and adaptable. If you can swallow the cost, there’s another popular style – custom. Custom trade show displays traditionally come with a higher cost. This leads us to the one huge …

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How to Make Your Display Stand Out

Display Stand Out

The average attendee spends roughly 9 hours perusing trade show displays at a single exhibition? This is ample time to connect with prospects, introduce your products, and gather the necessary contact info. However, before you can establish a relationship with your visitors, you first need to lure them to your booth. Displays today are flashy, …

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Environmentally Friendly Displays

Environmentally Friendly Displays

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you’ve likely seen plenty of dynamic designs and distinctively branded trade show displays. While these displays are eye-catching, many are harmful to the environment and can potentially harm a brand. There are no green alternatives when it comes to traditional disposable displays. Actually, I take that back – …

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Trade Show Lighting for Dummies

Trade Show Lighting

An effectively lit trade show exhibit stands out and attracts attendees as effectively as a nautical siren lures in nearby sailors. Trade show lighting used to cost a small fortune and was only available to larger exhibitors with equally large budgets. In the past, halogens that cast an eerie yellow glow and were scorching hot …

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