The Benefits of Serving Coffee at Trade Shows

Trade Show Coffee

One of the best ways to stand out at a trade show is to serve freshly brewed top-tier coffee. Serving coffee not only provides attendees with a boost of energy in a cup but serving up specialty coffee that is properly brewed also makes your guests feel valued. Here are 10 reasons why you should stray from the typical trade show snacks and pamper your guests with an array of premium coffee options.

10 Reasons You  Should Serve Coffee at Trade Shows

1.) Coffee Jumpstarts Everyone’s Day

What better way to ensure a perky audience than a strong dose of caffeine to start the day? A cup of premium coffee is a sure-fire way to appease the crowd. Furthermore, serving coffee at a trade show will help attendees stay alert and focused throughout the day.

2.) Attendees Won’t Have to Search for Coffee

Tracking down a strong cup of coffee on a massive trade show floor can be a daunting task. So why not save everyone some time and energy and hire a fully staffed coffee vendor to provide your guests with a plethora of coffee beverages? You’ll want to make sure to let attendees know that you have a professional team of baristas at your display beforehand so that they stop by early in the day.

3.) Delight Attendees with Made-to-Order Drinks

Trade Show Coffee Menu

There’s a huge difference between run-of-the-mill coffee and made-to-order drinks. Serving up individual drinks makes attendees feel valued, especially if you can deliver a small town coffee house atmosphere. Creating ways to enhance the experience you provide is a great way to establish a positive vibe throughout your trade show display.

4.) You Control the Service Schedule

Why succumb to the mercy of a convention hall’s service schedule when you can set the pace yourself? Let’s be real here, the last thing you want is to have a surge of attendees visit your display and have nothing to offer. This is a very real possibility if you rely on in-house catering. Instead, having a team of baristas dedicated to your display allows you to prepare for these rushes and ensure that you always have freshly brewed coffee at the ready.

5.) Attendees Can Tell the Difference

Experienced coffee drinkers cringe at the very thought of drinking the low-grade coffee that is the norm for convention centers. So serving up top-tier coffee will leave them both content and rejuvenated. In short, they’ll appreciate your efforts to accommodate their preferences and sophisticated palate.

6.) You Can Promote Your Brand

Buzz Impressions Branded Coffee

One massive benefit to hiring an external coffee vendor is that you can promote your brand with custom cups or sleeves that feature your brand. In most instances, all you need to do is provide a high-resolution copy of your brand’s logo to your catering vendor and they’ll take care of it from there.

7.) Create a Positive Impression

When you serve premium coffee, attendees will likely remember you better than your competitor who served up generic coffee that was burned beyond recognition. Simple upgrades such as professionally brewed premium coffee and other hospitality upgrades will without question provide a more positive experience for your guests and lead to higher retention rates. Showing your guests that you’re willing to go the distance in terms of hospitality will likely result in an overall positive experience.

8.) Options for Non-Coffee Drinkers

In contrast to the standard menu offered by trade show halls, a team of professional baristas can provide non-coffee options such as hot chocolate and healthy tea options in addition to their award-winning coffee selection. This is a much-welcomed change for non-coffee drinkers who long for a fresh, hot beverage.

9.) Better Dairy Options

Trade Show Coffee Dairy Options

The diary (or non-dairy) options served alongside coffee is a vital part of the refreshment experience. When you connect with a professional coffee vendor, you can choose from a wide variety of coffee additions, such as skim milk, half-and-half, or soy milk.

10.) Eliminate Hidden Costs

The lack of any hidden costs is a huge advantage of partnering with an external coffee vendor. Top-tier external coffee providers do not charge for extras such as flavored syrups or double shots and offer an all-inclusive service structure.

As you can see, there are many reasons to go with an external coffee vendor in lieu of the low-quality exhibit-based coffee provider. If you’re an individual exhibitor and show coordinators are not offering better coffee, the above benefits still apply to show-site trade show marketing. Serving high-quality coffee will most definitely boost traffic to your display. Whether you’re searching for a way to keep attendees focused on your presentation or simply want to improve the overall experience for your guests, utilizing superior coffee is a stellar solution.


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