Environmentally Friendly Displays

Environmentally Friendly Displays

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you’ve likely seen plenty of dynamic designs and distinctively branded trade show displays. While these displays are eye-catching, many are harmful to the environment and can potentially harm a brand. There are no green alternatives when it comes to traditional disposable displays. Actually, I take that back – there are plenty of green alternatives if you’re willing to burn through your entire marketing budget. If money isn’t an issue, you can go all-in and purchase a display made from hemp. If money is an issue, you can try a relatively environmentally friendly display made from cardboard, honeycomb board, or other materials that the Rainforest Alliance supports.

While these materials are eco-friendly, you can usually only use stands made from these materials once because they aren’t durable and cannot be reconfigured like adaptable displays. Furthermore, the limited design options permitted by these materials mean that you’ll struggle to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is about more than just your impact on the environment. Sustainable business practices involve recognizing your business’s impact on the environment, economy, and community. Most importantly, it’s about what you’re doing to improve it.

In terms of the trade show industry, improving sustainability involves:

  • Promoting an economy that exists to support society
  • Creating a working culture where staff and visitors feel safe, healthy, and happy
  • Using materials and processes that reduce the depletion of natural resources

Environmentally Friendly Displays that are Cost-Effective

Environmentally Friendly Exhibits Budget

A sustainable trade show display doesn’t have to cost a fortune or lack design features. As we touched on above, you can develop a sustainable display with a custom modular display that enables you to have a great design that is flexible and sustainable. Oh yea, you can make it all happen without breaking the bank!

These stands don’t generate the same amount of waste as most traditional displays. Environmentally friendly displays can accommodate different booth sizes and configurations. You can also potentially use them more than once, possibly even multiple years. Furthermore, they are lighter and easier to transport than traditional exhibits, which require large trucks, sometimes even semi-trucks, that increase your carbon footprint.

Once on-site, the construction of a traditional display or a custom build requires the use of power tools. This goes against the second sustainable business practice we touched on earlier. The use of dangerous power tools in a busy setting with loads of distractions produces a high-risk environment. On the other hand, the dainty framework of a custom modular display allows for easy setup and does not require any power tools. This sense of safety further emphasizes the sustainability of environmentally friendly displays.

Other Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Displays

Environmentally Friendly Exhibits Other Benefits

Environmentally friendly custom modular displays allow for your creativity to run wild. The framework is made up of interchangeable modules. This allows you to design your display for various footprints as you move from show to show.

In terms of design, you can let it all hang out. An environmentally friendly custom modular display offers a fluid graphic finish. This feature makes it ideal for large format graphics and core branding messages. An environmentally friendly custom modular display can also incorporate showcases and integrated audio-visual components into the design.

When you employ an environmentally friendly display, the design outcomes are so effective that you could easily mistake them for an expensive custom-build. Custom modular displays create fully branded, high-impact environments in which your future clients can immerse themselves. Lastly, the trade show display industry has a feasible and realistic solution to the issue of sustainability via the adoption of displays that are environmentally friendly.

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